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Ready to spill the pet-tea? Paws and tales, unite here! Send us your adventures, heart-melting or fluff moments. Let’s turn your pet’s antics into legendary tail-tales.

Smooches & Woof - A Pet Love Connection

Obligatory Requirements & Guidelines for Pet Story Submission

  • Submit only your own pet story, not other people’s story and don’t make up stories.
  • Your story should be at least 300 words.  Make it too short and we might not post it on our pet blog.
  • Include at least 1 picture of your pet or pets, 2 pictures maximum. Each picture cannot exceed 3MB in size.
  • We recommend pictures taken in landscape mode. They are a better fit on our blog format specially on the story’s banner photo.
  • No personal information will be posted on this blog unless you put your real name as your Alias.
  • Make sure all materials you upload & send to us are yours & you are allowing us to post and use these materials on our blog and on other promotional activities for this blog online & offline.
  • We review & may edit your submission before posting on our website blog.
  • Once your pet buddy’s story is approved & posted, we’ll send you an email with a link to your story.

Thank you very much! 

Tell Us Your Buddy’s Story

Now, we can’t wait to share your buddy’s story! Go and unleash the laughter and warm fuzzies onto fellow pet enthusiasts. Your buddy’s tale is about to become the talk of the pet park!

    Upload your pet image(s). We need at least 1 image and a maximum of 2 images is allowed. The maximum combined images size limit cannot exceed 6Mb and each image cannot exceed 3MB.

    We also recommend images taken in landscape mode, as this provides more editing flexibility for us before incorporating them into your pet story.

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